Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Yesterday was Sam's 4th birthday. We've been celebrating over the past few days and he's been having a great time! 

Sunday we had Nana and Papa over for some cake and presents. 

Here's the cake. It was so good!! As you can see on the bottom left my finger slipped through the frosting trying to get it out of the box. Oops! 

Sam with his cake.

Singing happy birthday to him.

Blowing out the candles.

He got the Transformer Bumblebee - he loves robots and Transformers!!

 Birthday card from Nana and Papa.

Lego robot from Nana and Papa.

 A little wind up robot we found at the Science Museum.

Monday evening we went out to Applebee's for his birthday dinner. They sang happy birthday and he got a yummy dessert. 

Yesterday on his birthday I blew up four balloons and had another little robot waiting for him when he came down. He went to preschool and brought little treats for all his friends. He thought it was great that his teacher knew it was his birthday. 

Birthday morning.

Today he is hanging around in his robot Halloween costume. Good times!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Birthday pictures were great we loved them all. What a 4yr old and it looks like he got everything he wanted. The cake was something else. You might say a cake to die for. (Great job.). Sammy thinking that it was neat that his teacher knew it was his birthday is cute. Oh the famous slipped finger in the frosting trick love it. Happy birthday to Sammy. Hope you got our package today.

Queen Bee said...

Happy belated birthday, Sam!

Love the Transformers cake :)