Crazy Busy

I've been so busy over the past couple weeks! Last week I was working a ton and this week when it wasn't raining I was in the garden getting it all ready for my plantings. I have about a third of it done and my raspberries and strawberries are back in it. I also added two new blueberry bushes for fun! :)

I don't have a lot of time right now to update (I just got another work project in), so I'm going to just leave up a video of Romeo playing with his tennis ball on the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Romeo is sssoooo cute.Annie used to do the same thing.She'd carry her tennis ball up to the top of the stairs and push it down with her nose.Sometimes she'd beat it down the steps.Romeo does darn good for being blind.I love that little dog.He's so special.Had a lot of posts to read.Hadn't read any for awhile.Ella looks adorable out on the socceer field with her pigtails.I'm glad to hear she's ok after being hit with the ball.Kids are so tough.Sammy is adorable.He always has that little smile that makes you wonder what he's up to.Grandpa did tell me that Ella might need to work on her poker face when playing "Old Maid".They had a fun time though.Thanks for the videos.Anxious to see the pictures of your garden and hopefully taste your handy work.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill