Something Old, Something New

No, I'm not talking about the royal wedding, but did you see her dress? I thought it was beautiful.

I was browsing online the other day (I really need to stop this) and found something old that I really needed for my house (something new). And no I didn't need it, but something about screamed to me that I had to have it.

It's called a telescoping buffet table and I'd never seen anything like it. I put it in our foyer because that's where it fits best and looks really nice.

Here it is in it's "natural" state.

Looks just like a regular buffet right? Well this special buffet has leaves stored inside it and the front pulls off and this buffet will turn into a table up to 11 feet long!!

Pretty cool, huh? I thought so too, that's why I just had to have it. It was super cheap too. 

So if I need to host the new royal family I'll have a nice long table for dinner!! ;)


Queen Bee said...

i am impressed! nice find.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We like your table, sounds like you can use it many different ways.