Ahhh Summer

Well at least the unofficial start to summer is knocking right? But not today because it's chilly today, but it's supposed to warm up nicely over the next few days. 

Where have I been? I've been here, as usual, busy doing ten things at once. It took me 6 days - spread over two weeks - to finish getting my garden ready for planting. I did the math and hauled over 13,000 lbs of dirt - by myself!! Unfortunately some of my plants that I was growing inside died shortly after planting, but I did some replanting and things should be coming along nicely. My strawberries are flowering like crazy so I'm hoping for nice strawberry crop.

Work has been busy as well. I'm learning how to manage my personal time and work time nicely. When I schedule my hours I'm not guaranteed work, but I usually know when to expect it and can fit it into my schedule well. 

I have rock to clear out our back patio door because next week we're going to get our deck put in!!! I'm so excited to have a deck. We hired a guy we've known for a while to build us our deck and on Tuesday he's going to get the posts set up. 

Ella's almost done with school. I can't believe the year is almost over. She only has a week and a half left. 

So see - there really hasn't been much going on over here. 

Here are a couple pictures of the kids coloring in the kitchen.

Here's a picture of my legs after I broke out in hives after finishing up on an antibiotic. Never thought at my age I'd be allergic to anything (anything new that is). I was kind of sad that after having gone as long as I have not allergic to anything that now I am. The hives were insane - they were everywhere! It took about five days for them to go away. Thankfully they really didn't itch, just looked fabulous! (It's kind of hard to see in the picture unless you click on it for the bigger version).

Have a great weekend!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

It has been cold and rainy here also and looks that way for the long weekend.

WOW you have been busy. 13,000lbs+ of dirt and already planted and growing. We are anxious to see pictures of your labor of love. Vicki has been doing some of her planting and so far it looks great.

The new deck will be such a nice addition for your outside living and it is so large. You guys will enjoy the backyard so much more. Keep us up to speed on you new deck.

The pictures of Ella and Sammy were very cute. I bet they are ready for a nice warm summer filled with fun and action.

Sorry to hear about the hives, but glad they are gone. Sounds like your Spring has already been packed with action and fun.