Soccer season has begun!! The first game was cold. Yesterday's game was 70 and sunny! Very nice. Unfortunately this Saturday is going to be cold and wet/snow. It just might be canceled. 

Last years team was preschool and kindergarten. This year her team is first and second graders. She's probably the littlest one on the team, but she's feisty!! She runs really fast and sometimes actually kicks the ball, but she's having tons of fun!! 

She totally reminds me of me when I catch her standing in the grass not paying any attention to the game and looking for bugs and in the grass. I'll catch her eye and tell her to get going! Than off she goes.

She took a hard block right to her face last night. I was looking through my camera lens and I saw it smack her head and she was down. She came off the field for a few minutes, but went right back out there. She was a little more hesitant, but got right back into it. Thankfully she didn't get any bruises and seems to be a-okay!

Here are the photos from yesterday's game:


Queen Bee said...

her pigtails! <3 i also love how serious her face is in the next to last :)

my coworker's daughter plays soccer and she is a tiiiiny girl but she too is feisty! nothing keeps her down for long either.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed the pictures. Some of those kids look pretty big in the picture I assume they must be the 2nd graders. Ella does look like she is having a lot of fun. You can tell she is not afraid to get in the mix of with with the bigger ones. Looking for bugs was a cute story. Sam has his usual happy look.

Vicki just saw the previous post and liked what she saw. I had forgotten to tell her about that one.

See you guys soon.