What Goes Around...

...comes around....again.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the very slightest "tinge" in my throat. By last night it was super painful. Very reminiscent of my bout with strep earlier in the month. As a matter of fact, it was exactly like that.

I got absolutely no sleep Saturday night because it just hurt so bad and the pain relievers just weren't cutting it. Sunday morning I headed (read...slid) my way over to Target. (We had freezing rain during the night and the roads were just ice.)

Turns out I had strep...again! During the night while I was awake I figured that there were probably one or two culprits running around my house reinfecting me. After I got back from Target with my new medication I dragged my entire family back there to be checked. Sure enough both kids had strep. Neither showed any real symptoms of being sick. Other than me getting sick within a week of finishing my last medication.

Zan got medication for a sinus infection that would also help him if he had strep. So everyone in our household is on medication. Except the dog, but I think he has an ear infection.... : |

The good news is that everyone will be healthy for Thanksgiving and I shouldn't get sick from the same thing again.

I baked turkey sugar cookies for Zan's work tomorrow. Their having a potluck tomorrow which I made buffalo wings for, but since it's his birthday I thought I'd send him with cookies too. Don't worry I was very careful to keep all germs away! :) At least I'm not coughing or sneezing. I actually feel fine other than a sore throat.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

That is to bad everyone is under- the- weather. We hope you are all up and running by Thanksgiving.

We had freezing rain too, but we were in all day. (Which is a change.). We stayed in all day. Vicki finished the tree and it looks great. I worked on reports.

The cookies look great. Happy birthday to Zan.

Have a "Happy Thanksgiving".

Tiffany said...

Sorry to hear that your family is sick with strep but at least you are all on medicine now and should be well soon. I LOVE your cookies! They are so cute, you did an awesome job! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Queen Bee said...

oh, you're kidding! what a pain. i hope everyone is back to feeling like themselves quickly and you all can enjoy Thanksgiving. (even the dog ;) )

no snow or ice for us just yet as we're enjoying one last day of temps in the 70s, but it's supposed to quickly drop over the next few days and get cold.

those cookies look yummy!