Let it Snow

It's pretty crazy when one week you have temperatures near 70 degrees and the next week you get almost a foot of snow. But it is November so I shouldn't be surprised. On Saturday we got nearly a foot of wet, heavy snow. Perfect snow for making a snowman. The kids didn't actually make a snowman, but they had fun playing in the snow anyways.

Saturday evening we went to see the Monster Jam at the Metrodome. The kids had a great time. Sam loves watching the trucks. He loves it even more when the trucks tip over and the bulldozers have to come and flip them back over. That's his favorite part.

The snow is slowly melting and it's supposed to be around 40 degrees on Friday, so I'm hoping it melts. I don't really mind the snow but I really don't like the cold. Ella keeps telling me how she likes summer better, but she likes Christmas because of the presents. :)

I'm all done Christmas shopping too and very excited about it. I guess I do have a couple small things left to get, but the kids are all done. Yay!!!!


Queen Bee said...

oh my, that IS crazy!! it looks like the kids had a lot of fun in the snow though.

it seems like we don't get our first snowfall until mid to late december and the heavy stuff usually starts in january. i don't mind the cold, but totally agree that it is nice to enjoy the snow for a few days and then have the temps go back up and see it all melt off :)