I love socks! I also love not having to wear socks in the summer, but if I have to wear them they have to be fun! Here is a photo of some of my favorite socks.

My general cold weather outfits are usually pretty simple. Jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt or something. I mean I'm home all day so I don't need to dress up.

My one fun thing is my fancy socks. I love stripes and argyles! Plus their knee highs, so it keeps my legs warmer too. I love when Target clearances them all out!

It's gotten to the point where I'm almost starting to "collect" them, but not just yet. I don't have enough drawer space for that. Yet.....


BreakingDawn said...

I love fun socks too! I have some with animals on the back, like booties. I also have alot of the really heavy slipper socks you wear in the wintertime. Some of them have animals on them too. I used to work at the clothing store and got them when they were on clearance. Sock fetish!

Queen Bee said...

i've not really been a fan of socks, but this post just about has me convinced! those are so cute!!

my used to always be on the lookout for fun socks to match with her scrubs because the little children who came into the office liked to check them out :)

Anonymous said...

Hi...remember me???I'm Uncle Jill.I just got your address again from Grandpa.I have caught up on everything.I hope Raspberry jam is on the Christmas list. The chicken noodle soup sounds good.I might even try it.I think I will have to learn Spanish to play with Sammy and Ella...if that's what it takes.Your socks are so fun.I did see Target's socks the other day and they were pretty cute.You are so busy making and selling things I sometimes wonder where you get all your energy.Anyway...I am back and I have missed the blog.

Uncle Jill and Uncle Bob