First Day of School - First Grade

Ella had her first day of first grade today. She had a great day. We went to the bus stop this morning and it was really, really windy. At least it wasn't raining at the time.

She said her favorite part of the day was riding the bus. The bus driver is very nice. Since there's no one else at her bus stop they will be picking and dropping her off in front of the house again. This is really nice!

The bus driver told me when Ella was dropped off that when Ella got on the bus to go home she asked her if she remembered where she lived. The driver said it was really cute. I think she was worried that she might not get to the right place.

The best part for me is that Sam is back on his nap schedule and I have about an hour and a half where he is napping and Ella is at school. Nice and quiet around the house. :)


Queen Bee said...

:) her little grin is precious. you can tell it was windy by looking at the pics!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

First day of school picture and Ella looks so cute. We like the "Lady Bug" coat. In the picture it really looks windy. Ella asking the bus driver if she remembered where she lived was a neat story. Most kids that age would not even think of that. She is growing up so fast.

We also liked the hoodies or is it hoodys that you made for the kids.

jenn said...

She looks like a little lady! Adorable & so excited.
Nap time is a wonderful time around here too! Enjoy it.