We went camping over Labor Day weekend. By camping I mean tent in back yard. The kids hadn't been camping before so we thought it best to start out in the backyard.

They had so much fun! Really enjoyed themselves.

Me, on the other hand, had the most horrible night of sleep ever!! I was freezing and my back was really killing me. I have a bad back and when I lay on my back it starts to get quite sore. It was fun cuddling with Sam and watching him sleep (since I was awake all night). He kept scooching down in the tent and I wanted to make sure he stayed warm so I was covering him up and moving him up. He slept through it all.

We'll do more camping next year. Maybe at an actual campground. I'll make sure to bring warmer clothes and definitely a softer sleeping surface. :)

I should have just sneaked into the house and slept in my own bed. I would have, but I wanted to keep an eye on Sam....

**Ella really has some goofy smiles in the tent!! :)


nancy said...

Sounds like the kids had fun camping. Too bad you didn't have such a good time. Back pain sucks, I know all too well about that. I may steal your idea and go camping in our backyard this coming weekend. It sounds fun! I wonder how Karl will do in a sleeping bag vs his crib.

Grandma and grandpa said...

That is a good way to introduce the kids to camping. You are right that ground can get awful hard maybe an air mattress next time. We enjoyed the weekend thanks for making it so great.

jenn said...

The last time I went camping we used an air mattress and it was great! I always found the ground too hard & too cold for comfort.
I have such fond memories of backyard camping! Looks like the kids had a great time.