Snowy Soccer Game

Yes, you read that right it actually snowed (a little) during Ella's early morning soccer game. It rained all yesterday and the sun finally came out today.

There were a few sprinkles, a little sun and a few snow flakes. Very interesting and cold game. She played really well and actually wore herself out running.

We haven't been up to much around here. I've been busy working in the garden. I finished pulling out all the sod and am gathering all the dirt and other "ingredients" to put in it before I take the rototiller to it. That outta be interesting since I've never used one before.

The garden turned out huge! It's about 10 1/2 feet deep and runs along the back of the yard. It's about 70 or so feet wide. :)

I've also decided that I need a hat for gardening because I always burn the top of my head.

So it's been a busy week and will be a busy weekend, but good. I hope to start planting my raspberry and strawberry plants next week. I think I'll be bringing them inside tonight though because it's supposed to frost and as long as I can bring them in I might as well. My strawberry plants already have strawberries on them. I can't wait until I can go sit in my garden and eat! :)


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Can't believe it didn't save my comments. Oh well.

Glad to hear Ella likes her soccer. Only the young can enjoy playing in that kind of weather. You garden sounds great. Now that you have you hat sounds like you have everything you need. Have you given any thought to a scarecrow? We enjoyed visiting you guys thanks for the great time. Now I will see if this one gets saved.

Queen Bee said...

snow flakes! :D

is this Ella's first year playing soccer?

your garden sound awesome! i wish we were able to have a large plot behind the house, but we'll just have to settle with doing a large family garden over on the farm next year. our strawberries had fruit early too!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your garden either...because the Swanson family will benefit at our "get togethers". If you do strawberry jelly put my name on the top of the list. The size of your garden is HUGH. You will probably need a wide angle lens to photograph it. Glad to hear the kids are doing so well. Loved my "Godmother's Day" card. I can always count on Ella and Sammy (Shannon).
The weather is beautiful today. Our lawn looks the best it has looked in years. Just put in an Autumn Blaze Maple Tree.
Well go garden and have fun!!!!!

Aunt Jill