Is it spring yet??

It's starting to warm up just a little, but not quite enough to get outside and enjoy it yet. I know all of us here are anxious for the warmer weather. Unfortunately, I think we have a little more waiting to do.

We haven't done much in the past week. I haven't even taken any pictures. That's pretty sad and I should really take more photos!! Ella went sledding at preschool on Friday and had a lot of fun. We also had her Early Childhood Development Screening on Friday afternoon. I wasn't sure how she would do taking questions from someone she didn't know, but she really surprised me and did so well. She easily passed her age level and from what I remember was good to go for an almost 6 year old. So no worries here! Next week we have her kindergarten open house/registration already. I can't believe she'll be in kindergarten next year already. It seems like we were just registering for preschool.

Sam's doing well. He got his other bottom tooth on the 2nd. Since it was groundhogs day we figure that means there'll be 10 more weeks of winter! :) So now he's up to 8 teeth. Still waiting on a few more. He's such a silly little boy and such a sweetheart!

I promise to take more pictures in the coming days!


Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill said...

I will hold you to that promise. The picture of Ella and Sammy in there snow suits is the wallpaper on my computer...so adorable. Ella in Kindergarden...I, too, can't believe it. Time goes to fast. Having her at a 6 year old level is no surprise. I think her aunt had a lot to do with that. I'm not sure how, but I'm sure that's part of it. Keep the pictures coming. I change my wallpaper frequently.
Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Ella went sledding is that a special activity? I sometimes think Ella is bashfull but then her self-determination always shines though. I can just see her sitting there answering questions.

Glad Sammy is doing so well. 8 teeth WOW. You hit it right on the head he is a sweetheart with a very warm and funny personality.