Another Week....Another Post...

Things have been quite uneventful around the household here. We've been trucking on waiting for spring to come. It is nice seeing the sun shine a bit higher in the sky these days. I've been busy printing and saving to CD all the photos from 2008. I really shouldn't get that far behind, but it doesn't take too long to get caught up.

Sam likes to grab the cloths off the oven door and go around cleaning the house. Works for me!!

On Wednesday evening we went over to Jodi's house to play with all the girls. Here's a photo of baby Sarah who is almost 9 months old.

They had a lot of fun playing and dancing. Then they all got in their pj's and ready for bed. (Since we were getting home after bedtime.)

I finished knitting a hat for Sam. It was a little too big, so I'll make him a smaller one and he can wear this one when he's grown a bit.

The kids like spinning on their Bili.bo.

Ella and Sammy playing on the exercise roller. (It's more of a toy than anything else.)

Ella and daddy went to the pool and went swimming. Ella thinks her undies look better on her head.

Cheap workout:

After bath:

Sam has been a little grumpy the past couple days. I think it's because his molar is coming in. He got his first bottom molar on the 17th and his other one is almost in. I think this is the cause of his grumpiness. Usually you can't tell when he's teething other than him sucking on his hand. I can handle a little grumpiness.

He was very unhappy this morning when I got out the camera. It took a minute to get a little smile...


Queen Bee said...

the Bili.bo looks like so much fun!

LOL @ the pic of Ella with panties on her head!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed the pictures from the group to the ones of Ella and Sammy. We don't want to forget the workout one with daddy and Ella. We looked at them last week but I just forgot to comment.

Cate said...

Such cute kids! Even crying Sam is adorable and I love Ella with the panties on her head, too funny!