High Jumps and Hair Cuts

As promised I've been taking many pictures over the past couple days. Nothing much has been going on, just hanging around.

Ella was working on her jumping. She's pretty good!

Sam really needed a hair cut, so today he got one. I've trimmed the back recently, but his overall hair was getting really long. I can't believe how much got cut off. He looks really cute now though!




Queen Bee said...

oh my goodness! they look so much older after they get haircuts!

the pics of your daughter jumping are adorable as well!!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

I think Ella is going to be interested in track/field. We know she likes to run now it looks like she is ready for the broad jump. Good form. Sammy's hair cut looks nice (Vicki liked it). This is my 3rd try at the blog in the last 2 days. I did something wrong each time so that the comments were not posted.