Sammy's Nod of Approval

Sam has started nodding now. He doesn't shake his head yet, so he's pretty agreeable! :)

On another note; he's been eating the needles from the Christmas tree. I guess I'm not sure if he's eating them or just chewing on them. He has very piney breath. Agh.......



Grandma and Grandpa said...

The pictures were great. Sammy was just funny walking around with his pants falling and then he keeps walking tell he walks out of them (we got a big chuckle). Ella looks like she is ready for the stage. Sammy with pine breath what next. They do keep you guys going and that is one of the things that is fun about being a mom and dad. Sammy did look cute in the basket and we were glad you caught him on video nodding his head.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that the ginger bread house looked like a Frank Lloyd Wright job. For a first time builder they did an awesome job.