Horse 1 -- Sam 0

Sam has been having trouble getting on his horse by himself...

With a little help he gets on no problem and really likes riding it.

Sorry about neglecting the blog, but there really hasn't been much going on. I've been busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas. I'm done purchasing all gifts and have just started making some of the sugar cookies. We have a "Cookies & Carols" at Ella's preschool on Tuesday. It will be fun to see the kids singing. I'll try to get some video.

As of Thursday Sammy has been saying "mama" to me. He's said it before but just as a general word. Now he's using it to get my attention. Too cute!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sammy and the horse is so cute and to funny for words. It's so funny when he tries to remount he gets is little foot up there but just can't swing it and then he grabs the horse head like a rock climber and tries to pull him self on. The end is the funnest when he quits and goes off in the sunset (so to speak) you can hear the horse life the timing is perfect. It just cracked grandma and grandpa up. Your right when he is in the saddle he is very happy. It so nice that he has put your face with your name.