Gingerbread House

Since we were all snowed in last weekend Ella and Zan decided to put together our gingerbread house. It was the first time we've put one together and it turned out really well. Ella kept wanting to eat all the candies, but I don't blame her. They were really good.

Sam is almost able to climb over the ottoman that we have blocking the stairs. We have a gate at the bottom, but there are a couple stairs before that he will climb up and then fall down. I think I'm going to need to teach him how to go down the stairs backwards instead of just trying to walk down them and of course that doesn't work.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

What a neat ideal for Ryan and Ella to do a gingerbread house and it looked really,really great. You can tell Ella enjoyed the project. Kids don't forget those kinds of activities and they also make wonderful family traditions. We just loved Ella's proud smile when the gingerbread house was completed. Nice to hear Sammy is still exploring his world, even though it must be hard on mom to keep coming up with ideas to keep him safe. Have a Merry Christmas.