I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We all had a really good time. This year we decided to break tradition and go up to Breezy Point instead of Lutsen. The kids had the most fun swimming in the pool and playing down by the lake.

Ella and I took a hike on Wednesday with Kevin, Carol and Damien. We hiked a trail up to a fire tower. We climbed all the way to the top. Unfortunately the top was locked so we couldn't get into the tower top. Oh well, we got up really high! There was ice on the lake and we "skated around near the shore". Ella picked a whole lot of seashells for the aquarium here at home.

Sammy after a nap. Notice the nice hair!

We got home on Saturday and after we had lunch we went to cut down the Christmas tree. That evening Ella helped us decorate it. Sam has been having a lot of fun pulling off all the ornaments. I think it will be a long 4 weeks.

When Romeo was at the kennel we decided to have him groomed while he was there. Oh, they did a great job and I think I'll be bringing him there a couple times a year instead of doing it myself!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed the pictures. I liked Ella on the lake (but the grandpa in me makes me worry a little). It is nice to collect shells and use them in the tank, by the way how are the fish. Romeo really looked good he even looked younger. The ranger tower reminded me of my younger days when we went up in a fire tower in the middle of nowhere. In those days the rangers slept up there (maybe they still do). I bet you had a good work out going up those steps looked like they went on for ever.

We loved the tree.