Pushing Buttons

Auntie Jill was nice enough to give Ella a puppy dog shirt when she was little. Well Sammy found the shirt one day and he wanted to wear it too! :) It looks very cute on him as well.

Sam has also started playing with the electronics. We had to buy a childproofing thing so he can't push the buttons on the TV. Although it was very funny hearing Ella exclaim, "Sam is pushing my buttons!" He will also turn on the dvd player and push the open button to get the dvd out. They are such smart little people.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sammy and the puppy dog shirt that is cute. It looks like Ella has been teaching Sammy to raise his had before he can talk in that one picture. Yep that pushing the buttons reminded me of Ella and the big TV. You will be on your guard now that Sammy is into electronics. The pictures are real cute thanks for all the updates we love them.