Sammy's New Tooth

Sam's top tooth finally decided to poke through. He's been working on it for a while now. Of course he's also now grinding them together and making a horrible, horrible noise. Oh well, now we'll just wait for the other 5 or so that will come in soon. I think I'll miss my gummy little guy.

Ella's been taking swimming lessons all week long. We're half way through. She'll finish up next week. It's been harder going by myself instead of having Zan with me. I have to take care of Sam and get Ella ready and dressed afterwards. Half way done...half way done...half way done...


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sammy has another tooth. WOW. Now he can really chomp his food. We are glad to hear Ella is back to her lessons. Hope she still likes them and her swimming instructor. I bet all that keeps you busy. Hard to believe summer is almost half over.

We saw the pictures you had taken and liked them.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I should be turned in to social services for being a bad aunt. I haven't checked our blog for about 10 days!!!!! Where does the time go. So many pictures...all are awesome. Sammy is always smiling. Loved Ella and Sammy's pictures you had taken. I plan on ordering a couple. The pictures of the clouds are very pretty. Can't believe Sammy is walking like he is. I hope the kids don't grow up to fast. They are so sweet. Took Cody out the other night to do his "thing". He wanted to go on a run...and I didn't. To make a long story short he broke my finger. It's the ring finger on my right hand this time. Now I have matching "bad fingers" on each hand. One was almost ripped off the other one... broken. Anxious to see you guys. Hope things work out...but will understand if they don't.
Jill, Bob and Cody