Right Brain or Left Brain

Now I can never remember which one is which, but I'd love to know which one Ella is.

My guess is that it's creative to be playing with Play-Doh, but what about when you take the Play-Doh balls and arrange them largest to smallest in a row. Is that the OCD creative side or is she just a genius??!!

I took this cute picture of Sam tonight while he was eating his quesadilla. This boy loves his cheese! Ella wouldn't let me take her picture.

I took these pictures Friday after the storms rolled through. Very pretty.


Grandma & Grandpa said...

Ella's organization is something else, what a girl. I would say without a doubt that she is a genius (you only have to look as far as her parents for the proof). Tell Ella her grandma and grandpa also like to see pictures of her. That was such a cute picture of Sammy (what a happy-go-lucky boy). We also liked you storm cloud pictures. We had perfect weather from Friday thur today. Although the last two days have been in the 90s. I am sure you weather has been the same except for you storm on Friday.