Bike Rides and Pool Parties

My goodness it has been hot! The only way to beat the heat is in the pool! We dragged out the pool on Sunday. Sammy, Ella and I were in it for a while, but Sam and I had to get out for his nap.

Ella wanted to take a bike ride tonight after dinner. It's fun getting out on the bike again. I didn't get to ride it all last summer. I could use a new bike though as mine is really old and squeaks a little. They both had a fun time. I like it when I look in my mirror and Sam is trying to "get" Ella. Very funny. Looks like we made it home just in time. It's really raining outside now. Whew!!


Grandma & Grandpa said...

Sounds like you are busy working out (with the kids). That was a couple of cute pictures of Ella and Sammy. That swimming pool picture reminded me that Ella should be starting her lessons soon. We also liked the picture of them together hunkered down in the back of the bike wagon.

Aunt Jill said...

I can't believe how much Ella looks like Shannon in the picture where the kids are in the bike wagon. They are the two most adorable children God has put on this earth...and I am NOT prejudice. It's simply the truth!!!!!!
Aunt Jill