You know you need a separate master bath when...

You're trying to take a shower and the big yellow inflatable duck keeps getting in your way! I gave the kids their baths tonight and I hang the duck in the shower to dry overnight. I think we need a house that has one side for kid things and the other side kid things free. It's simply amazing the amount of toys/things that children can accumulate for being so small. Luckily for them they are very cute.

The weather was so nice yesterday that Sam and I sat outside in the yard while Ella took her watering can and watered the grass. I tau
ght her how to turn on the faucet outside (really funny) and fill up her watering can (even funnier). Sam just watched her walk back and forth while he was playing with a ball. Too bad it's supposed to rain for the next couple days.

Here are a few photos of Ella. They are from Sioux Falls. I don't have any real recent. I just love how these turned out though.


Anonymous said...

I never thought Sammy looked like his Aunt...but the cute little rolls on his tummy look a lot like his AUNTS!!!!!! What adorable pictures. I would love a copy of the picture of Ella with the sweat shirt on. It's pretty adorable.
Only a little over two weeks before the rummage!!!!!!
Aunt Jill

Grandma & Grandpa said...

We could not believe the size of the duckie (aka "BIG DUCK"). I can see where it would not take long to run out of room with toys that size. We like those pics of Ella in "SF" also (thanks). Can just see here watering the grass (cute). Vicki started the prelim work for the neighborhood sale. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.