Lots of Updates!

Leave it to Jill to point out that I haven't put up any pictures lately. I've only been busy taking care of two kids and putting on a garage sale. I have neglected the blog lately though and I apologize. The garage sale is now over and it did pretty well. You always wish it could've gone better, but it was fine.

Let's see, Sammy is now crawling! Forwards since a few days ago too! He's a little slow, but he'll get faster really quick
I'm sure. He's just started saying mama, well ma ma ma, but I'll take what I can get. He's working on eating some table food. He's had fruit puffs and some toast today. I think he likes the toast better.

Ella's been doing really well. We just got the confirmation for her preschool today. She's going to be in the Mon., Wed., Fri. afternoon preschool. Her teacher is really nice and I'm sure she's going to love it! She's been loving playing outside the past few days, the weather has been so nice.

Now to the pictures. There's a picture of us on Mother's Day which was very nice. Then there are a few that I took this evening. They take such cute pictures together, then Sam starts pulling hair and "playing" with Ella. So I had to put one of those up too! If you look closely at Sam's picture you can see his tooth! (If you click on the picture you can really see the tooth!)


Anonymous said...

I can see Sammy's tooth. It is so cute. I am just sitting at my computer looking at their Christmas picture and can't believe how much they have both changed. I love the picture of Ella in her purple sweater. She is just beautiful. And of course Sammy will be a "chick magnet".
Can't wait to see everyone again. Let me know the kids current sizes for presents:-).
Aunt Jill

Grandma & Grandpa said...

We noticed a lack of pictures but figured you were busy. I usually check for pictures twice a day (sometimes more). Yep they are really looking cute and full of energy. Vicki saw Sammy's tooth. We are looking forward to seeing Sammy crawling. It is really hard to believe Ella will be starting preschool (but she is ready). Glad to hear rummage sale was successful.