Crawling Video

I finally got Sammy crawling on video. I just had to put the remote out for him. He loves remotes. They should really be waterproof though.


Grandma & Grandpa said...

WOW....Look at Sammy go (loved the remote idea). It's nice to hear Ella's words of encouragement in the background. Loved the sun hats you mother gave them. Funny about Sammy falling asleep when the hat falls over his eyes. (There are time I wish I had a hat to fall over my eyes.).

Anonymous said...

I remember when we were watching Ella doing the crawling. That seems like a couple months ago. I love how he archs up in the middle of his crawl. Looks like a little gymnast. Can't wait to see everyone at the rummage. What scares me is that Sammy is already wanting to control the remote. Doesn't look good for Ella.

Aunt Jill