Swimming In My Sleep

I know Ella has really been enjoying her swimming lessons and doesn't like to leave. I'm guessing this is the reason behind this picture.

I went in to check on her before bed like I always do and found her asleep with her swimming suit on (backwards too). Oh my goodness, it was so funny. I had to show Zan and then take a picture. Always something new around here.

We tried Sam's new diapers today and they worked very well. Now I just need to get some more. I also made some applesauce for him today too. We're going to try it here tonight, I hope he likes it. It turned out really well and was so easy to make. Tomorrow I'm going to try making some peas for him. We've been busy around here..... :)


Grandpa said...

That's such a cute picture I just love it and the story.