First Hair Cut

Sammys hair was starting to get a little long, so I thought it was time to get a hair cut. Also part of the problem was that a lot of his original hair was falling out so he had really long wispy hairs, but not too many of them. Not the best look. I told Zan I was only going to cut a little off, I guess I got carried away. The final result is really cute though!! It will grow in really nicely and looks much nicer. More clean cut, just like his daddy!


Grandpa said...

The photo of Shannon really looks like Ella (Vicki has always felt the Ella looked like her mommy even when she was a baby).

Now Sammy is something else. (He looks cute too.). I have been wondering why his hair hasn't been floating for the last few weeks. He look great with his hair cut, but I also loved his longer hair. too. Give Ella and Sammy a hug and kiss from grandma and grandpa.