New Photos

I've been told that I need to put more recent photos up on the blog. Of course I know, but finding the time to do it is another thing. It seems whenever I remember to update the blog Sam is napping, so I don't want to disturb him. I was watching him in his exersaucer this evening and I noticed that instead of being tippy toed while sitting in it his feet were flat on the ground!! Yikes I can watch him grow right before my very own eyes!

Sammy has been enjoying his cereal too recently. I had to get the kind with the bananas in it because he really didn't like the plain kind. I got the look from that stuff! Ella is half way done with her swimming lessons and is still having a good time. I have more pictures below of the classes. There hasn't been much else going on here other than the usual. Still waiting for the warmer weather so we can get outside a little.

Here are the recent pictures I've taken. Some from swimming and some of Sammy just playing around. He's getting big isn't he???


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Ella does look like she really enjoys swimming lessons. Vicki noticed Sam had looked like he bigger. Hope you owie is much better. Tell Ella and Sammy hi.