As you can tell by my lack of posting I've been quite busy. Between school, work, swimming, homework and just the regular everyday stuff I don't find the time to sit and write stuff. In all honesty, there really hasn't been much going on here. Ella's enjoying the 3rd grade. She has so much more homework than last year. I think the homework thing is actually harder on the parents than the children at this age at least in my opinion. Sam is doing well in preschool. He loves going to school and has a great time. 

Both the kids are in swimming lessons. Swimming is really Ella's thing; she loves it and would spend all day in the pool if we let her. She has a couple weeks off until she starts twice a week again. That means I'm driving 20 minutes (one-way) for swimming three times a week. But they love it. 

One of the main reasons for not blogging so much is that it's just easier to update on Facebook. Now that grandma is on there I really don't need to be on here so much. I'll probably come back to it again once in a while, but I feel guilty for not updating and I don't want to feel guilty. :)

If you'd like to "friend" me on Facebook (for my normal followers; I know there are a few of you left) feel free to do so. http://www.facebook.com/shannon.silusswanson

Otherwise, I'll update occasionally but at least I won't feel guilty for not doing so.

Bye for now.


Ella's First Race

Ella ran in her first running race on Saturday. It was the kids 1/2 mile "Tickle" race and she had a ton of fun! 



Vacation day two (three)?

Technically we're on day three of the vacation, but second full day. Zan had his race this morning and it went well. We were able to walk along the run route and see him three times. It has been a beautiful day with full sunshine and about 80 degrees. We just got back from eating dinner and now. Zan and the kids are in the pool. I took the kids to the rooftop pool this morning and now they are inside. The rooftop pool is more my style. It's heated and so nice and warm. I bet it's really nice in the winter.

Tomorrow we're going hiking at Gooseberry Falls and we're going to Split Rock Lighthouse. It'll be a fun day. I haven't figured how to get a picture from the iPad onto here yet. You'd think that if they were on the same device it would be easy but I haven't figured it out yet. If I do I'll get some photos up.


Vacation day one

Since we have an iPad now I can type on the road. We got into Duluth yesterday evening. There was a traffic jam on the way up where we sat in traffic for almost two hours! Yes, two hours. It was horrible. But we're here and it's great. We walked along the shoreline this morning, over the lift bridge and to the beach and back. We stopped back for a snack and then we're going to do a little shopping. There are some really cute shops around here. Zan is doing a practice ride this morning. Later we're going to go on the Wiliam A. Irwin, the huge ship.

That's it for now. Zan got back and he fell off his bike and has some road rash. He's fine and I'll write more later.


Air Show

A couple/few weeks ago we went to the local air show that's not far from our house. We usually know when they're in town because the planes will be circling around our house before and afterwards. 

It was so hot out but we went and only lasted a couple hours. We did get to see everything and had a good time. Maybe next year it won't be so, so hot.



Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend temperatures finally dipped below scorching so we headed to the MN Zoo. They had a dinosaur exhibit there that we wanted to see before it was gone. We haven't been to this particular zoo in quite a few years. 

We ended up spending most of the day there. The dinosaur exhibit was really cool and the kids absolutely loved it!! We'll be heading back soon because we ended up buying a membership. 

I didn't realize how dirty my camera lens was until I saw some of the photos. In the photo with Sam and the T-Rex there's actually mist in the air, but in the other ones it's because my lens was so dirty - sorry. 

Love Sam's pose here - he was trying to be the dinosaur I think.


Little Froggy Friends