A Little Sewing

This weekend was pretty cool and rainy so I decided to finish up and do some new sewing projects. I also cleaned by closet (again) and cleaned up my sewing table (again). These things need cleaning quite often.

The first thing I finished was a dress for a little girl named Breigh. 

I know it's not a full picture, but it's the same pattern I've used before for a number of Ella's dresses. I then made a little skirt for Ella with a pattern I had found online and just hadn't used yet. It's now my favorite, super easy skirt pattern. The ribbon at the bottom really adds something to the skirt!

The pink fairy fabric I had found at Joann's when I was in Sioux Falls over Christmas. I was just going to get a little and then found out it was on clearance for $2 a yard. Yup, I bought it all!! 

Well the sun is starting to come out a little; maybe it'll be nicer tomorrow. I can't wait for the temperature to get a bit warmer!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

I have been there with Vicki (fun). The dress and skirts look cute. It is nice when you get projects finished. How is the garden coming?