Keeping the Momentum Going

I'm trying to stay in this blog updating mode. Unfortunately for you there hasn't been much going on these past few days. The weather has been gorgeous so we've been outside quite a bit. Monday morning I pushed Sam in the trailer while I was on my rollerblade's for a couple hours. I'm not sure how far it was, but quite a ways. It's was still a bit cool, but the sun was out and it was so quiet on the trail. Only saw a couple other people and had a great time. 

I've been starting to get some lawn projects done. We don't have any big projects for this year. We're getting a sprinkler system put in next month here. We're on the list; just need them to get to us. Hopefully in about two to three weeks. That will be nice because our yard needs some help. Other than that I just have some dead grass from the dogs that needs to be seeded. That's about it for yard projects this year. 

I have three weeks or so - weather pending - until I can start planting some things in the garden. I'm itching to go to the store to pick some things out but I have been patient so I'll hold out a little longer.

And since I did all that work that past couple days my back is pretty sore today from the raking I did and my legs are a little sore from weeding the garden. Yes there's nothing in the garden except for weeds. Well not anymore that is.

Sam and I went to the park this afternoon. It was much nicer out today than they had originally forecast which was nice. 

These photos haven't been edited; they are straight out of the camera. Sam is wearing one of his three new favorite shirts. His Ironman, Transformers and the Avengers. Thanks Grandma!!



Grandma and Grandpa said...

I just read all the blogs. I enjoyed each one of them and made little comments about each. Since we got back I was going to check to see if you had started your blog again. I just found out now and they were enjoyable we have missed them. You have been doing a good job with the blog. Loved the pictures of Sammy. He looks good in the that t-shirt. I am going to tell Vicki that they are up and running again.