Ella has her Fit-a-Thon today and thank you to all of her sponsors. She easily reached her goal this year. 

She also lost one of her teeth last night! No, not the top one (that one's in for the long haul). It's the second bottom left one. This is the first time she's had a gap in her teeth waiting for one to grow in. The bottom two were already growing in before the baby ones fell out.

I took photos so you could see her teeth. You can see the gap that the top on is making because it's so loose. It's shifted to the middle more because it's not really connected on the one side. (Lovely isn't it)



What I Did Today

And now I'm tired!


Apple Picking 2011

It's that time of year again - apple picking. We trekked on over to the usual place. What a beautiful day to go apple picking!! We saw the animals, we played on the hay, we rode the wagon to the apple field, picked apples and of course tried a few too!! 

Ella was most looking forward to going into the barn afterwards to pick out her gourds. She's been looking forward to that for a month or so. We still have the gourd from last year that double's as a rattle. 

Ella found it hard to eat the apples because of all her loose teeth. Her top left tooth is extremely loose and if you look in the pictures you can see that it hangs lower than the other one and has opened a gap on the other side. It's really attractive and makes it harder to eat apples. :)  Two of her bottom ones are also a little loose. I think she has four teeth all together that are loose. I hope they don't fall out at once or she'll look very funny!!



Sam and Daisy

Sam loves playing catch with Daisy! If anyone knows Daisy, then you know she's my shadow. But since she's come to live with us she is getting more comfortable and will go off and play with the kids more. 

She loves playing catch with her sheep. No matter who throws the sheep she brings it back to me. So if Sam throws it in another room she brings it back to me and Sam comes running after her to me to get the sheep again. This game involves a lot of running by both Daisy and Sam. Good exercise!

Like Sam's scarf? I knit this for him a long, long time ago. It was one of the first things I knit. He was wearing it all morning the other day. It was quite chilly in here and he looked really cute!



We took the kids to a small little lake to go canoeing a couple weeks ago. The weather was beautiful, the water was super clear and hardly a boat on the lake. 

It was fun being able to see all the little fish swimming around. I even saw a small northern. Ella loved seeing the dragonflies and butterflies. The lily pads were also a huge hit.

We need to get out more next year!!


First Day of School

Ella started school on the Tuesday after Labor Day and Sam started the Thursday after that. 

Here's Ella's picture of her first day of 2nd grade:

And here is Sam on his first day of preschool:

Both kids are loving school so far. Ella's teacher is a long-term sub (regular teacher is on maternity leave for the year). She appears to be just out of college (I'm getting old). She is the nicest teacher and the kids just love her. 

Sam loves his preschool and is so excited to go! He goes on Tuesday's and Thursdays this year. Next year he will do Mon., Wed. and Fridays. He has the same teacher that Ella had when she was in preschool - she's the best.

I have a feeling this will be a great year for them both!



I've been going through and editing my photos. I came across the one from the fair this year and compared it to the one last year. You can see how much the kids have grown. Especially how much Sam is catching up to Ella. He's only a couple/few inches shorter than Ella. It won't be long before they're the same height. Pretty scary considering he's almost 3 1/2 years younger!!