Apple Picking 2011

It's that time of year again - apple picking. We trekked on over to the usual place. What a beautiful day to go apple picking!! We saw the animals, we played on the hay, we rode the wagon to the apple field, picked apples and of course tried a few too!! 

Ella was most looking forward to going into the barn afterwards to pick out her gourds. She's been looking forward to that for a month or so. We still have the gourd from last year that double's as a rattle. 

Ella found it hard to eat the apples because of all her loose teeth. Her top left tooth is extremely loose and if you look in the pictures you can see that it hangs lower than the other one and has opened a gap on the other side. It's really attractive and makes it harder to eat apples. :)  Two of her bottom ones are also a little loose. I think she has four teeth all together that are loose. I hope they don't fall out at once or she'll look very funny!!