Sights and Smells

It has been such a lovely weekend! Our deck guy couldn't come on Friday, so he was here yesterday. We went from having just concrete circles in our rock to this in one day.

The steps are the only thing left that needs to be framed and they will go in the same area as our temporary stairs are right now. (They just got moved over) He'll be back tomorrow to get that done and putting down the deck surface and so on. Should be done in a couple more days work. Yay!!

Here is a close up of my strawberry plants.

A couple days ago these plants were covered in white flowers. Now if you look closely you can see small strawberries starting to grow. Yum!!

If any of my pictures could be a scratch and sniff this would be the one!

The flowers are all blooming and this is so fragrant right now. It's on the front corner of the house and yesterday I could smell it in the back yard! The only thing I don't like about the lilacs are that they bloom for such a short amount of time. 


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Yes the weekend has just been fantastic. We enjoyed the outdoors for a while.

The progress on the deck looks great. Bet you can hardly wait. As for the strawberries plants it is hard to believe they are looking so great. Must be the green thumb.

Nothing smells as great as spring when everthing is blooming. Just love the lilacs.