Please Welcome....


We adopted Daisy last week from the Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. She is a 6 year old terrier mix. She originally came from Tennessee and was found as a stray. She's been in a foster home in MN for a little over a year. Daisy has been a great dog so far and we expect her to continue that way. :)

She's a little bigger than Romeo - they get along well. She is fast and loves to run. She is my shadow and follows me around everywhere - and I mean everywhere. She loves Ella and tolerates Sam very well. She's even warming up to Zan. She also has shown some tendencies towards being a good watch dog - very attentive. She's a great dog to go on walks with too.

So we are now a family of 6 - 3 girls and 3 boys. :)

It's going to feel like it's over 100 today and very muggy. The kids want to play in the pool, which is great. Otherwise we'll be hanging out inside with the A/C cranking. Summer has finally arrived.

My garden is doing great. We have strawberries almost every day with dinner. My tomato plants are growing super tall. I have some zucchini's and summer squash already. My butternut squash are growing quickly as well. I have one pepper and there are others not far behind. Now that the weather is warmer it won't take long....


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Welcome to the family Daisy. I am sure you all will have a lot of fun together.

Your garden sounds like it is going great guns. Must be the "green thumb" plus a lot of work.

Hope everyone has fun around the pool.

Yep this warm weather feels great.
Hope you enjoy it and the 4th of July weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Daisy.Can't wait to meet you. You have a wonderful new family.Just be good to Romeo.Remember he's the Alpha dog.Your garden looks awesome.I've been trying to get Bob to eat healthier.I would love to have a garden like that.I have to buy all my veggies and fruits frozen.Not only are they expensive...but they aren't as good as home grown.The deck looks good so far.Love the pictures of the kids.Sammy is such a little ham.Ella always looks so sweet.Glad to see Ella's sunglasses on.Sammy must have not wanted his on.Been thinking about Zan and his Triathalons etc.Hope all is going well.Glad to hear you are over the hives.I was going to send you a "get well" card.But no more cards from Auntie Jill!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy for Daisy.
Love,Bob and Jill