To Do List

I've been trying to tackle the to do list. I don't actually have a list. Maybe there should be a list, but there isn't one yet. Yesterday I hung up a picture in Ella's room.

Nana painted it for Ella and I framed and hung it up. Never made a frame before, but it seemed to turn out nicely.

I took down the gate hardware at the top of the stairs. The gate has been off for quite some time, but we won't be using it any more, so the hardware could now come off. I filled in the holes and painted it up. Can't even tell it was there.

Since I already had the Spackle and paint out I fixed a corner on the downstairs wall that the kids cracked and dented shortly after we moved in.

I shoveled the driveway. Okay this wasn't really a to do for the house, but it needed to be done. There was a good half inch of crusty ice under the snow. Got it all scraped up and shoveled off. Looks nice.

So far this morning I've cleaned out a few drawers and shimmed a couple doors. The doors are driving me nuts!! They like to swing closed (a little) and not stay opened all the way. Doors are a tricky thing, but they are much better now. May need to revisit if they don't stay put.

Sam and I have to go get the oil changed in the VUE this morning. I really don't want to go out, but it needs to be done.

I suppose I should go put the drill back and find something else to get done. The nice thing is that when the weather is warmer I won't have things that need to be done inside the house.


Queen Bee said...

you've been busy too! i've had the urge to clean and purge come up this week and i think it's because we can't get out in the snow and cold to do much else.

i just adore the colors in Ella's room and the painting suits it so well.

SillyHille said...

I'm glad you liked the book!
It was just so... moving? I don't know how to describe how it made me feel!