Christmas Recap

Christmas has come to an end. Whew!! Now begins the long road back to normal. There are lots of decorations that need to be put away. New toys and clothes that need to find a new home. That requires cleaning out the current homes and pulling out old/unused items.

Christmas Eve was spent at Nana and Papas. A good time was had by all. I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have any photos of said fun, but you'll have to believe me.

Christmas morning was a nice, laid back morning with just our family. The kids had fun opening the presents.

Here's our traditional photo from Christmas morning. I should really get them all together from the past 4 or so years. That would be fun. Maybe next year.

On Wednesday we headed to Sioux Falls for our New Year's Christmas. Once again everyone had a great time and the kids were spoiled with presents. Not that anyone minded.

The kids actually stayed up pretty late New Years Eve. They had so much fun playing with the confetti that was in the presents. They had their own little party!!

He looks like such a little man here...

I love this picture of Ella. You can see her little (rarely seen) dimple!


Here's a picture of Sam. This is before we left for Sioux Falls. He was standing at the door trying to get in. I'm, of course, just taking a picture. I had to capture how low his hat gets. I don't know how he sees, but he gets around just fine. He was wearing his new scarf too!! Thanks Aunt Pam!!

Well that's the long of it. I've been very busy since we got back. I have a lot more to do!!!