Sam loves to swing! No matter what park we go to, new or old, he heads straight for the swings. There are so many parks around us that we would try to go to different ones to mix it up a little. We've been staying closer to home these days because they don't care about the different parks. Ella just likes to slide and run and Sam just wants to swing. So why go farther from home when there's a park across the street?

He takes his swinging very seriously also. He checks to make sure that you're pushing with both hands and if you're not then you had better have a very good excuse why not. Most excuses don't work either. He likes to swing high and he'll let you know when you miss a push. If Zan and I are at the park then I have to push him. If Nana and I are at the park, then Nana has to push him. He has his favorite pushers.

We're building a playhouse for the kids in the backyard with a sandbox underneath. We've opted not to add on the swings because all we would be doing would be pushing the kids. Not that it's a bad thing, but since we have the swings literally across the street, then we're okay.

When I was mowing the yard on Tuesday I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a little frog. I almost ran it over with the mower. I stopped the mower and captured the frog. Turned out it was a little tree frog. It was so cute, no longer then about an inch long. Very sticky pads on her feet and hopped very far. We put her in the little animal house we have and named her Lily.

She was so cute and we could have kept her as a pet, but we didn't have all the necessary things that she needed. So yesterday, after her sleepover, we let her go. The kids both had fun holding her and letter her hop and crawl all over them. It was very cute.

Yesterday I made up a batch of raspberry jam. It turned out really well. So well that this morning I entered it into the county fair. The fair is less than a month away and I'm very excited to see how I do. I'm saving up the strawberries from my garden and hopefully I'll have enough soon to make a batch of strawberry jam also.

That's about all that's been going on this week. Nana is coming over to watch the kids tonight for a couple hours while Zan swims in the lake with his swimming group and I get to paddle the kayak with the group. I had so much fun doing it last week I'm looking forward to it tonight. Something out being out on the water. I think I need to get a boat of my own. :)