Police Department to the Rescue!!!

Wow, catchy title eh? And it's soooo true!!

So yesterday Ella had a birthday party at her cousin's house. It's about 45 minutes away so Sam and I dropped her off and ran to do a couple errands. On our way back to pick her up we stopped to get gas.

I pulled into the pump. Turned off the car and pulled out my keys. I then proceeded to put them into the ignition just a little, but not enough to make the door beep when I get out. This is something I do ALL the time. Apparently they were not sitting in there correctly or something because as soon as I got out and closed the door behind me all the doors automatically locked behind me!!

At first I didn't think that could have happened. Nothing like that has ever happened before in over 6 years that I've had the car. I guess there had to be a first time.

Well Sam was in the car and I couldn't get to him. There's no door lock/unlock button in the back seats and he's in his car seat so well that he couldn't get himself unbuckled. I finished pumping gas (all the while brainstorming) and then went inside the store. There was no way I could get into my car. I told the clerk what had happened and that my son my inside the vehicle. He proceeded to call the police.

They showed up a few minutes later (no sirens) and got out their tools to try to unlock the car. Apparently my car isn't the easiest to break into because they almost didn't get it. They pretty much had a long metal rod and were trying to push the unlock button from the inside.

We were getting ready to have to break a window (a locksmith would have taken too long to get there and I had to pick up Ella) when an off duty officer pulled up and was able to hit the button and unlock the doors with his first try!! I was so thankful that we didn't have to break a window or anything drastic.

Sam was great. He was just sitting there watching them do their work. I was so relieved to get back into the car! We even made it to pick Ella up right on time. What an adventure.

So now when I'm in my car (Zan's car has a keypad on the outside) I'm always bringing my keys out with me. Or opening a window or something! I was actually going to open Sam's window before I got out, but decided not to. Crazy when you look back on the situation.

I was a little frazzled, but we managed to survive.

That was definitely the highlight (or lowlight) of the weekend. Zan started working on the kids playhouse in the backyard and I've been working on my chair for the front porch/steps. I'll post pictures when we each get a little farther.

I'm hoping for a much more relaxed week this week!!


Queen Bee said...

oh man! i'm glad they were able to get your door unlocked & the Sam wasn't scared.

when logan was only 8 weeks old, locked him inside of my old truck when i got out to pump gas. it was frigid outside and i tried my best not to panic & our local police took their sweet ole time. the situation was made worse by the owner of the gas station- she got an attitude with me for having to call the police & told the cop "and hurry it up. she's blocking one of my pumps." not "hurry up, her baby is inside."

eva mooer said...

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