Sunny Play Day

As I mentioned in my previous post we had a great day playing outside on Wednesday. We also had a great time playing outside yesterday too! Today, well not so much.

Ella has the day off of school today. Sam was very excited to go to church this morning and was a little upset when I told him we weren't going to church today but that we had errands to run.

I called a company that makes window well covers for our egress pits. We want something covering them so the kids and dog won't get hurt. We also want something where they could (although not encouraged) walk on top and the covers would hold up. Well I found a company that will custom make for the size you need and they hold up to 400lb and are clear so the light comes through. They are perfect for us! However they are around $400 each!! Yikes, so many things to do on a new house and still haven't won the lottery! :)

Here are some pictures I took from Wednesday playing outside.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. By the time I get to see your new home you'll be racking leaves. Love the cute outfits on your post. And, yes, I do want some of Miss Ella's school pictures. Keep the pictures coming

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill