Ella's First Soccer Game

Ella had her first soccer game tonight. Man did she have fun!! Nana came to watch too. It's always fun watching kids play a game that they're really not that good at. By the end of the game they were figuring it out very well and doing a good job. They don't keep score, but by my score they probably lost, but not by much.

Here are some photos from the game. After the game one of the coaches told me Ella was laughing and giggling the whole game and by looking at the photos she is smiling in all of them.

I think she likes this game...


Grandma and Grandpa said...

We have been away for a while, especially me. Really enjoyed all the pictures soccer and Easter. You could tell Ella really had fun. She really was excited and having fun. Loved the look on her face and the eyes when she was on the ground. That was a great idea to have her in soccer. We are anxious to see her plan when we come up.

Anonymous said...

Love our little athlete Ella. She ooes look like she's having fun. Wish I could have been there this weekend. I bet Sammy was proud of his big sister!!!!

Aunt Jill