So I've been meaning to update this blog, but just haven't found anything interesting to put up. There just hasn't been much going on. We've been enjoying pretty nice weather. I've been getting the things that we'll need for the house. I've also had a lot of paperwork for Ella's start of school. We have the open house next Wednesday.

Zan is out of town here for a couple days. I'm sure he'll have fun. We're going to check on the house tomorrow night, so I'll hopefully have some nice pictures to share. We were there on Saturday. They had put the linoleum in the laundry and bathrooms. We figure they're going to start on the wood floor next. Unfortunately there was some water back up in the sump pit. They hadn't put the pump in yet (although there is one in now) so there was some water in the basement from all the rain. It wasn't hurting anything though, so we're not going to worry.

Only about 5 weeks until we close. I'm so excited!!!