We went hiking this morning not too far from home. Got a bit off trail and ended up some place pretty cool too. The kids had a great time and the weather was very nice and cool.

We need to go hiking more often. The kids have so much fun.

Here's where we ended up after going the wrong way (my fault). Notice the sign in the picture. That's the ski jump by the way.

Here's the skyline from where we were. The Minneapolis skyline is just to the left of the photo.

Ella also finished her swimming lessons this last Thursday. She starts up again on September 5th. She just loves being in the water and has done so well in her lessons.

We went to the house last night and they have most all the light fixtures up, the toilets and faucets in, all the appliances. We're just waiting for the master tub, carpeting and then there are just a few small things left I think. Not much longer now. I would have taken photos but I forgot my camera. :)


Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob said...

How in the world did you end up in a "no public access allowed" place? Makes me want to ask who the tour guide was.
House is really coming along nicely. Still cannot believe they are on time. Maybe even a little ahead of schedule. Anxious to see it complete. Love Sammy's hair style. Have been thinking about Ella. School must be starting this week. Summer did go fast. Anxious for fall pictures in your new home.
Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob