New Tickers

I've added new tickers to the side of the blog. When I changed layouts it removed the kids tickers so I wanted to replace them. I've also decided to add my weight loss ticker. I'm generally not in the habit of displaying things like this, but I think it will help motivate me to lose the last of the baby weight before summer.

Notice that it doesn't actually show my weight : ) it only shows how much I want to lose (17 lb). Keeping in mind that only 12 pounds would get me back to my lowest before I was pregnant with Sam. I'm just adding another 5 for good luck! : ) I'll try to update weekly.

I went for a run tonight and didn't walk at all! It's only my fourth run in years and the first time I went a few weeks ago I walked about 4 times, so I'm improving greatly. I also got my hair cut on Saturday. Just a couple inches off the bottom, but I also got BANGS! I haven't had bangs in about 20 years. I'm getting used to them, but I think I like them. Zan likes them too.