Ailing Children

Both the kids caught colds yesterday. Runny/stuffy noses and fevers. Sam managed to avoid the fever until early this morning (3am). Ella is on the mend though I think and Sam hopefully will follow in her footsteps. She had a 102 degree temp yesterday afternoon. We've managed to stay cold free all winter, but I guess you can only be so lucky. I guess in the grand scheme of things this isn't too bad.

Sammy's been having a hard time sleeping because his nose is plugged up. He just took a two hour nap though so we're improving. Last night he kept waking up about every 45 minutes. But the good boy he is he went right back to sleep. Well off to check Sam's temp. Such troopers...


Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that the kids are sick!!!!Take good care of my babies. I hope their temperatures are back to normal. Hopefully this will the only illness for the year. Friday Sammy is 6 months old. I still can't believe it. Time goes so fast.
Kiss the kids and Romeo for me.

Aunt Jill