Photo Heavy

Happy Memorial Day! We had a great day today. This morning we took a bike ride - I forget how long it was but somewhere between 25 and 30 miles. It was my first time out on the trail on the bike. Rollerblading I'm used to, but I found the muscles that aren't used for rollerblading and they hurt. Zan pulled Sam in the trailer and Ella was attached to my bike on the tag along. Our destination was DQ, so it was worth it. My legs are really sore and I'm sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow, but it was still worth it. 

When we got back this afternoon I got out the pool and Zan got out the slip and slide. Then I got out my camera. 

They had a great time!! 

Here's a photo of my garden and the new bushes and tree I planted by the deck.

Did you see my first little strawberry that's turning red?

I also have a couple clementine orange trees that I have potted. I can't plant them in the ground because obviously the climate won't work for them but they can be outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Can't wait until I have oranges.

So there you go, that's about all that's going on here. Sam has a couple more days of preschool and Ella has a week and a half left of school. Can't wait for summer break!


A Quick Update

I've been really busy around here the last couple weeks. In a nutshell -

* Got all the plantings in the garden planted. Seedlings are already starting to pop up.

* Planted some new bushes/trees around the back landscaping around the deck. 

* Had a very successful garage sale on Wednesday.

* And took a couple extra days off and had fun with the kids. :)

I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day already. School will be out in a couple weeks and I don't know where the year went. Ella will be in third grade next year - that's just crazy!

Zan and Ella went to the father/daughter dance Saturday night. They had a great time. Sam and I baked a cake from scratch with purple frosting, yum!!

I've been meaning to take some photos of our new cute little tree and the kids but I haven't yet, so I'll get those done soon here. 


Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a great weekend for a duck around here. It's currently raining and has been raining all weekend long. Very wet. We need the rain so I won't really complain but it rained so hard last night and at two different times. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep and am very tired right now. 

I just finished sewing two of Ella's old jeans into capri's. She didn't have any and I was thinking I should go get her some but then realized she had some jeans she's outgrowing. She's been wearing the same jeans for two years; she's finally starting to grow again. :)

I made up some homemade Boston baked beans yesterday. I love beans but have never made them myself. I'm also very picky about my beans so I was skeptical. I had a recipe in my canning book and I decided to give it a try. It took most of the day but was quite easy. I left out the pork too so they're vegetarian (not that it really matters, but it's more healthy). They turned out so yummy!! Zan was even surprised. I've never seen him eat so many beans. Although now that I think about it I might pay for that later. :) I have six jars of beans in my pantry and I need more beans to make some more!! Need to stock up for the summer grilling season.

I'm having a garage sale in a couple weeks and finished almost all my pricing yesterday too. It's nice to get all that stuff done beforehand. Now just hoping the weather cooperates. Speaking of weather I think I can finally go get some things for the garden and start some planting. I'm very excited to get things planted. Just need to dirt to dry out a little bit from the rain.