Church Program

Ella and Sam had their church program this morning. It was an early morning! Zan and I were at his work party and got home late; then had to get up early for early church. We made it though. Sam sung with the preschoolers and kindergartners and was so cute. Ella was in the nativity program. She even had a few lines and was super cute. 

Here's a photo I took this morning - still dark outside - before we left. 

It's been a busy week so far. Sam had his preschool concert on Thursday evening, which was also Ella's rehearsal at church among other things. We made it on time to everything. Now all we have left is Ella's school concert on Monday and Christmas Eve service at church that Ella sings in the choir for. Whew, I'll be happy to take a week off after that. 

And by the way I'm loving not having any snow yet!!!


Anonymous said...

Haven't read to blog for awhile.Loved the outfit Sammy put together.He could start a new trend.Ella and Sam looked so nice in their Christmas outfits. Ella looked so grown up.Can't wait for your Christmas cookies.Make lots!!!!Love the kids new coloring table.Looks quite professional.No snow for Christmas makes me kind of sad...but I know everyone, but me, is happy about it.Loved the Christmas card.Where were Romeo and Daisy?Haven't seen any pictures of them lately.Anxious to see all for the holidays.
Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Ella and Sammy look really great. It would have been nice to see the program.

Christmas is just days away.