Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

I did it! My hair was finally driving me nuts, so I went and got it cut. Long hairs everywhere, always tickling something, getting stuck, and the most annoying of all was when I would be sleeping and roll over and my hair would get stuck. Argh!!

Well I looked and looked and found a cut I liked. A long bob, or rather termed the "lob". I'm quite in style right now! My hair was also long enough to be donated, so that was nice.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

It feels so nice and it really is the perfect length. I can still fit it up into a ponytail too, which is key. And yes I know it's a little redder now, but that will wash out. :-)


To A T said...

Love the new hair! So cute!!!!

vicki and zan said...

WHEN DID YOU DO THAT??? It looks very cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow,I've been away for awhile.Love the do!It's very cute.Love the pictures of your vacation.Kids looked like they were having so much fun.Congrats to Zan.What a great job on the Ironman.He didn't even look tired crossing the finish line. The garden looks awesome.I'm jealous.Would love to have one like that.Thanks for the new pictures.I will try to check more often.With school coming up I'm sure there will be some of the kids.

Uncle Bob and Uncle Jill

BreakingDawn said...

I just chopped all my hair off too. Felt great to start over and get rid of those split, dead ends! Mine is much shorter than yours!