The Ickies

Ella's been sick since Sunday. Fever, little coughing, stuffy nose, etc. I took her to the Target Clinic last night after Zan got home from work. Turns out she has strep too. Ah the joys of school. 

I'm glad I took her last night instead of waiting for today though. When her fever is down (on meds) she does really well. I'm able to keep her on doses of Motrin and Tylenol at such intervals to keep her fever away. I only give her one dose before bed though to see how she's doing in the morning. This morning her fever was 104. 

After last year when both the kids had viruses that lasted about a week with fever spikes up to 105 these high temps don't really bother me as much as they have previously. 

Sam hasn't gotten sick yet. (fingers crossed) I went around and wiped everything down last night after she went to bed. I'm trying to keep the blankets and everything washed as well. So we'll see. She's contagious for 24 hours after starting her antibiotics. I'm hoping she'll recover more today and be back in school tomorrow. Only time will tell.

The last three days are the only days she's missed from school. Both kids really do stay quite healthy most of the time. Thankfully she's been doing well enough to work on her school work during the afternoon. Lots of extra practice. 


Queen Bee said...

i hope Ella feels better quickly!

am i remembering incorrectly or weren't you all dealing with strep a few months ago? that really stinks. it's goes around here like crazy too alond with some GI virus. i am not looking forward to logan getting sick now that he is entering preschool!