Pumpkin and Tree Picking

We went on Saturday to pick out our pumpkins and our Christmas tree. There's a place just outside of town that has a little pumpkin patch. It's also the same place that we get out Christmas tree at. Every year we go pick out our pumpkins and then go and select our Christmas tree. After Thanksgiving we go back and take our tractor ride out to cut down our pre-selected tree. It's been a very fun tradition and it's so much easier picking out a tree when it's 80 degrees out.

The pumpkin patch was pretty good this year and we brought home more pumpkins than normal. The kids can't wait to carve them out. We had a difficult time choosing which tree we wanted. There were quite a few that we on the list and after about a half hour we just had to choose one.

Here are some photos from hunting in the pumpkin patch...

Here's the tree we chose.

The kids had a ton of fun running through all the trees. Sam always sticks out his lip when he's thinking or not sure if he wants to smile for the camera.

Hopefully the weather is just as nice when we go to cut down the tree! Wishful thinking I know.


nancy said...

It looks like you all had a fun time! And you are right, it's much more fun picking out a tree when it is still warm out!